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Bus & Transportation

Bus & Transportation 

Bus Information
Bus transportation is provided for elementary students living a distance of 1.0 miles or more from school. Exceptions to this policy are based upon safety considerations and are evaluated on an individual basis. Families who live within the 1.0 mile radius have the option of walking to the nearest bus stop each day rather than walking to school. However, we ask that students use the same bus stop each day, so that bus use can be monitored and overcrowded conditions avoided. Riding the school bus is a privilege. Improper conduct on the bus will result in a warning and if continued, will result in that privilege being denied.

Please click here for District Transportation information.
Children should be careful when walking to and from school, and walk with a buddy whenever possible. They should not cut across lawns or accept rides from strangers. In areas without sidewalks, children should walk as close to the curb as possible. In all cases, students should walk directly to and from school, act as good citizens, be alert to traffic, follow the directions of safety squad members and obey all school rules.

Bicycles~ Roller Skates~ Skateboards~ Scooters
Upper elementary students may ride their bikes to school once permission is obtained from the school office. Children should contact the school office to obtain a permission form, have it signed by their parents, and returned to the office. Permission to ride is based upon availability of bike rack space, and is only granted to upper grades. Failure to follow the safety rules listed in the permission form may result in the loss of bike riding privileges. Please note that students are required to wear bike helmets. Upon reaching the school sidewalk, all students must walk their bikes to the rack. Bike riding, roller-skating, scootering, and use of shoes with wheels are prohibited on school property from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Skateboarding is prohibited on school property at all times.