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The Importance of Childhood Play

Experts are ringing the alarm bell about the dramatic rise in anxiety and depression in young children and teens. We are seeing this in our country, state, and in our local community.  

To help parents understand what they can do to help their children, the Northville Youth Network and Northville Council of PTAs, in coordination with Northville CARES, is offering two free screenings of Chasing Childhood along with an opportunity to talk with experts and each other on raising children in today’s world.  

More about Chasing Childhood

In today’s childhood, confined by structure, stranger danger, and helicopter parenting, free play has virtually disappeared. Chasing Childhood is a feature documentary that explores the rapidly changing landscape of contemporary childhood and parenting. What if all this well-intended hovering, fear and over-scheduling has backfired? 

The film takes us to three communities that are trying to shift culture to create room for play and independence with the hope of raising kids to become competent, healthy, and happy adults. 

To Register for This Event

We will be offering two screenings with post-film Q&A at the Northville High School Auditorium on January 20, 2022, from 6:30-8:15 pm and January 29, 2022, from 10-11:45 am. This event is for parents of kids of all ages.

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